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WARNING: Rant Ahead…
I know what what I am about to say is going to piss some people off and in the mood I’m in right now, I don’t give a $#!+ because it needs to be said. If a musician / artist / group / band has to overcompensate with loud distorted instruments with massive amounts of compression to cover up the lack of lyrical / singing talent, then save the money by firing the producer / mixer / Sound / Studio Engineer. Newsflash: There is a such thing as over compression! It sucks and it makes the product sound cheap. If you have someone in your studio mixing your music together and they say over compression sounds great, then use some of that money to pay for their hearing to get checked. There is a HUGE difference between compressing the loud bass of an instrument and just having your volume turned up to be loud. I actually enjoy music loud and clear.
Another reason to save that money is so to hire someone who can actually write real music / lyrics that doesn’t sound like a 5-year-old came up with it. I expect that sort of lazy, wanna-be style in C-rap, boy bands (trash), K-POP, or in TOP 40 POP. That’s all disposable and made for a quick buck for the record labels. Flash in the pan, if you will. I know it’s a cookie-cutter technique for the last decade to have the loud bass compression on the drums, but it is stupid because it doesn’t sound organic. One of the reasons I couldn’t stand Nickelback (a boy band that tries to sound metal). Music isn’t supposed to sound artificial or fake. It comes from within and even though one might think it’s all sounds, it is one of those things that is better stuck in your head than in mine.
I get the whole idea of “creative expression”, but instead of bitching, moaning, and complaining about radio stations (internet and terrestrial) not playing the music, which causes the promoter to work overtime to get at least one song played somewhere, then the problem isn’t with the the medium. No, it’s the source. Have you ever heard the expression, “garbage in, garbage out”? It’s a very universal thing. You see, instead of telling yourself that “nobody understands the creative process”, maybe focus on what the product itself. If it is that important to have it played, find out what makes the person click “off” or “next” when the song comes out the speakers. Chances are that if the song is over compressed, that could be the culprit and needs to be reproduced or remixed.
While I’m on the subject, if the vocals are too low and/or not good sound quality, that’s a “turn off” for a lot of listeners too. Clap Tracks, POP sound effects, and music beds doesn’t belong in Country music, especially Red Dirt / Texas Country! I understand that there are singers who just want to sing and they don’t care what category / genre they are in as long as they can get in. To me, that is a slap to everyone who created, nurtured, and support Red Dirt / Texas Country. It should be the same feeling for those in Traditional Country as well. I’m not a musician, so my opinion probably can be used for toilet paper. I feel that now is a great time to re-evaluate the product, as a whole, and make the changes before full-scale tours can resume.
If an artist needs a tool to help them understand why their music isn’t getting played as much on radio stations, perhaps they need to ask their promoters to look into what is actually working on radio. If it’s a second opinion on a demo that is needed, if I got the time, I will be willing to help. There needs to be more integrity in the music. As much as I can’t stand Neil Diamond, he at least understood the importance of sound quality that attracts the most listeners. Even Michael Jackson and Prince had music that people from all across the spectrum appreciated. Billy Joe Shaver and Steve Earle, they all understand this. It’s the difference between C-rap and Rap. I’m glad to see there are more bands that put the “AW YEAH” back in Hard Rock / Heavy Metal again (God Bless FOZZY), but I really think it’s beyond time to put the “O” back in Country.

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick note to welcome everyone to a new venture we are trying and I think it’s safe to say our listeners enjoyed it last Thursday night when we did it. I admit, I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but we will see how this works this week.

Our official post is: “Catch our new weekly LIVE talk show , Bravo Sierra with Big John” Thursday at 7pm (Replay Sunday @ 7pm) on the TBJS Radio Network. Miss last week’s show? Become a #TBJSDrivwayListener partner of The Big John Show to listen on our website!” 

Again, it doesn’t hurt you to become a #TBJSDrivewayListeners partner of The Big John Show for only $5.00 each month. This new show is going to be included in our #TBJSDrivewayListeners tier. If you miss our live show and the replay, rest assured that it will be ready for you to listen to no later than Monday morning by clicking on the “Bravo Sierra” link on the menu bar above!

— This blog post is directed to the Executive Order from the Michigan Governor, in which you can read the full document by clicking here. —


“By April 13, 2020, refrain from the advertising or promotion of goods that are not groceries, medical supplies, or items that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and basic operation of residences.” – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmire


    (BEEP!) You, Michigan! Beer, Bait, and Ammo are essential! Music, computers, TV’s, Roku’s, Cell Phones (Android), Alexa, they are all “Essential” to keep people entertained if they want to hear The Big John Show and the TBJS Radio Network during your prison / quarantine.


    Okay, all joking aside, you have NO idea how much of an economic impact this will have on broadcasters (TV & Radio), magazines, and newspapers. For a governor of a state to issue this Bravo-Sierra, it’s asinine and very short sighted. Do you really think people don’t need to know about special sales going on at the now struggling “mom and pop” businesses? That government loan plan doesn’t cover every small business. People are going to listen to the local radio stations, watch the local TV stations, and read those publishings for entertainment and pandemic updates.


    For those broadcasters and publishers to survive, they need advertising dollars (at least). IF they can’t advertise their local businesses, then there’s a strong chance that no one will know about them or the going-out-of-business sale they might be having to go through as a result of this COVID-19 situation. If the businesses don’t have people come shop at their locale, in which they pay to advertise so word can get out, they can’t generate money to pay the taxes, or arguably more important, their employees. That hurts a lot more from there.


    Again, bass-ackwards. I get what she is trying to do, but I can’t believe there are radio, tv, and newspapers who are willing to take this. This is an overreach of power. I would be the first one to flip the bird in the direction to the mansion in OKC if our governor decided to do this. My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you my radio family.


    Thank you for your time,

     Big John


   So now that my home county in Southeast Oklahoma has a case of COVID-19, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still going to be on-air doing a live show on the TBJS Radio Network. We aren’t going anywhere and neither should you. As I wrote on my personal facebook page, “Well snap, Le Flore county has a case of COVID-19… No, to my haters displeasure, it’s not me.”  

   Then I went on a hunt to see the Oklahoma proclamation and ran into not one, but three pages / sites that had the information about jobs / working. So I shared it on my social media pages and now on here. I hope they help the good folks in Oklahoma. You may want to check your local state or county / city for proclamations set forth my the governments to see if you can still go to work or not. Not everyone fits in the categories, but hopefully the latest stimulus packages that congress voted on will help ease the financial stress and burden laid out upon us all during this time.

    Meanwhile, if you are in Oklahoma, the question is: Are you an “Essential” worker? I am! Click on the links below to check the updated listed during this time.

So the Coronavirus pandemic got you down, and you don’t know what to do about it. Maybe you should use this time to critically think about how you can make your day-to-day routine still work. Using alternate methods, technology, and thinking, you just might be able to keep your businesses open although may have it at a different location. That falls under alternative method. Critically thinking gives you the opportunity to make it happen and explore options. I wish I owned a business because right now would be a great time to explore alternative methods, and still maintain the daily practices.

Yes, you can still keep your business going without it being illegal. Although it would be a great rush just to prove someone wrong and to make it work beyond anything they could comprehend. I am jealous of you business owners who are struggling because I would love to be there in your shoes and to see the smile on your faces when you realize yes, you can do it, and you can continue kicking ass on a daily basis like you were supposed to begin with. If this offends you, then good because maybe now you’ll get the juices flowing in your brain and you’ll figure out you, too, can make it work with the restrictions laid down upon your situation.

Most important thing you can do is not feed into the panic. Keep calm, and rest assured that if your clients see you still doing what you do best, that will help put their mind at ease too. You serve your customers and clients with more than just your goods and services, you serve them with the reminder that Humanity can and will overcome any obstacle placed before it. Keep respectful and do what’s right. America can survive and will overcome just like we’ve always done in the generations before us.

Trust me, you’ll be back kicking ass sooner than you think. That’s because it’s what you do, it’s in your heart, and by the good grace of God you’re an American!

Hey gang,

    We at The Big John Show want you to be safe and healthy during this time. There seems to be a lot of people panicking. As a result, there has been a run on Toilet Paper and Lysol sprays in stores across the United States. Not saying it’s a bad thing to stock up on something that can prevent a situation from going bad to worse, but….. what is toilet paper going to do for you to help secure your wellness? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having a clean hiney too, but technically, you could do better than hoarding toilet paper from your neighbors. Lysol helps disinfect, so I agree getting a couple cans of that. Our friends over at Pornaudiography have come up with some interesting  information about toilet paper. In 1973, U.S. consumers cleared store shelves of the rolls for a month based on little more than rumors, fears and a joke from then late night talk show host, Johnny Carson. Some interesting facts about Toilet Paper include:

  • The average person in the U.S. uses about 100 rolls of toilet paper each year. If most of it came from China, this could be a huge problem because supply chains from that country have been severely disrupted as a result of COVID-19.
  • The U.S. imports very little toilet paper – less than 10% in 2017. And most of that comes from Canada and Mexico.
  • The U.S. has been mass producing toilet paper since the late 1800s. And while other industries like shoe manufacturing have fled the country, toilet paper manufacturing has not. Today there are almost 150 U.S. companies making this product.


     So now, toilet paper doesn’t seem so much of a worry, does it? Personally, I would invest in food for my family. We’ve got a great deal on food if you want to prepare ahead: possible quarantine, lack of food at stores, urban riots, ect… Think ahead and prepare. Go to preparewithbigjohn.com today and save a butt-load of money (like that pun on toilet paper I made there?). Keep in mind that a healthy body starts with healthy choices and you can’t go wrong with food grown and packed in the U.S. 


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Don’t worry so much about the toilet paper or tissues. Get more for your money with these special offers and help yourself or your family. Also avoid annoyances at the store if / when they run out of food. However, if you want to keep a watch on the status updates of the Coronavirus like we do, use the following links:



Hopefully this information will help you stay updated. Stay safe out there and please leave some TP for The Great Cornholio!

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   Instead of contacting us via phone or email, we have added the ability in our “Events” section. This will allow for payments and bookings at the same time, a more convenient method for both us and our clients who want to use our service. **THIS HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH OUR PARTNERSHIPS!**  

   This also makes it convenient for bands / artists or other guests who want to schedule an over-the-phone or skype interview with us using this new feature on our website. When you get booked, we’ll send a confirmation email to the email address you provided when signing up. You don’t need to be a member, but you will need to provide us some information for verification. We do ask you schedule your interviews at least three days in advance prior.

   We’ll be adding more features onto this site soon for our partners and services that can be offered to everyone. Keep checking back with us often for updates and thank you for listening to The Big John Show!