Woke up getting news I didn’t expect to ever thought would have happened. Damn it, won’t 2021 ever go away?

Guys, suicide is NOT the answer. It is the other end of the spectrum and leaves so many more questions than answers and a whole lot of pain for those who love you. Communication is key and if you need to talk, there are many ways I can be contacted. A lot of people know this and it you don’t, now you do. Pick a preferred method listed on my website (Www.thebigjohnshow.com), call me direct if you have my number, message me here, email, ect…, telling me you need to talk. I have spent hours, even in the middle of the night talking with folks who were total strangers helping them out. It is not an inconvenience to help someone see the way out of their darkest hour. I’m not a counselor by any means, but sometimes you just need someone to talk with, somebody to help you see there is daylight on a cloudy day.

We all have struggles in our daily lives (i.e. I am struggling to find employment in this area which makes for a hell of an emotional ride daily), but the only thing we can do is keep marching forward. Yeah, it is a tough time in our country, but you are NOT alone in this. Sometimes asking the advice from a total stranger while waiting for your ride to pick you up is worth gold because that person has been where you are in that moment. You never know until you try.

One of my favorite wrestlers, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, once gave the advice I heard so often as a cliche, but hearing him say it in the context he did, it made perfect sense: if you’re afraid or unsure of doing something, “just ring the bell”. That is all you need to do. Something in his mind changes when he does hear it and believe me, something as simple as that actually works for me. Someone says something that sets you off, you may hear an imaginary bell go off in your head, and suddenly you may be giving that person a piece of your mind (or a foot in their behind), but sometime it is just that simple to flick that switch that alters your thought process from bad to better. Just getting it off your chest and clearing your mind is the most important (sometimes hardest) decision you can make. Just ring the bell…


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