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If the 1920’s was referred to the “Roaring 20’s”, will the 2020’s be referred to as hindsight? We could just legalize prostitution and make this the “Whoring 20’s”. Possible marketing slogans can be:

  • “Make Love Great Again”
  • “Make Love, Not Whore”
  • “As More Things Change, Whoring Remains The Same”
  • “Just ‘Do It’ ” (not to be confused with Nike’s “Just Do It”)
  • “One small step for man, one Whore-ific time for mankind”
  • “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask how you can please your country”

    Or we could just forget what I mentioned above and call it the “Boring 20’s” because if more of the same ol’ things happen this decade as they previous, then we will never see any real advancement of the human race, humanity will be stagnate with their thumbs up are back sides, and other intelligent life in the universe (known and unknown) will still pass us by like as if we were a dying bush on the side of the road to their more entertaining destination.

    Personally, I would love to see and experience environments that are more entertaining, events that could produce more positive, emotional perspectives than what we have been doing for the last decade. I think if we were to touch more lives out of actual love for humanity, we could forget the petty squabbles that politics, race baiters, and jealousy puts us under. I sincerely hope that this next decade brings us much closer to the technological future we all once dreamed of with peace, much better music in all genres (except bluegrass, that will always be the devils music and something has to suck so bad that everything else will be cool, huh huh…huh, uh….huh, huh), and a whole lot more kindness.

    Almost every day, I share the information (#TBJSPrePrep from my online show that I’ve been reading. There are so much about medical findings and technology advancements over the past two years, we are living (or dwelling) in a fascinating time, but you do not hear about that in the mainstream news. I don’t get why more medical professionals don’t share the information when they obviously have more access to restricted databases. I get the whole “trade secrets” thing, but there are a lot of free reports open to the public. That is the type of news to bring hope for people with illnesses from Alzheimer’s to Cancer to people who are paraplegic. Just think, being able to control some modern technology with their mind, literally (yes, there is an implant). Basic functions such standing up and walking over to turn on the TV, radio, lights, or getting a drink of water while wearing an exo-suit. We are so close to giving many people a new lease on having an easier and better quality of life. I do not know about you, but I find it a fascinating time when I read reports like that. Universities and colleges from all over the world are doing these things and the FDA is looking into a LOT of them, some have been on a waiting list since the George W Bush administration.

    Other sciences (Quantum Physics, Space, Biological. ect…) are doing really fascinating things that could enhance all our lives. CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) have been conducting some research that can give us answers to understanding space and time. Do not even get me started on that tangent. Yes, some research has had negative results, but the technology is there as a tool to help us learn more about who we are (or to those who believe, where we came from). I, myself, do not believe we are alone. Take that for what you will, but I would like to know more about who else is out there, be it another life from another galaxy, dimension, or multiverse. There are things literally in front of us that we cannot always see or feel, but we can mostly sense them. As technology gets beyond its milestone of today, I know we will be closer to realizing what is just beyond the reach of our fingertips. If radio was not so ingrained in my blood, I would like to think there would be a place for me on the edge of this. To me, it is all a matter of frequencies…


    Honestly, I think we just need to relax, take a deep breath, and let us have some fun this decade. It has been two millennia since the last time the 2020’s were here (2020 B.C.) and we may be more technologically advanced, but we do not have to act as if we are still cave people. I am sure the ratings would be interesting, but life is not about ratings. I know, being a radio person, that comment is blasphemy. What really matters is connecting with people. Not stupid flash-in-the-pan events that are meaningless, but real connection and open-minded conversation without bias. It is too sad that most media outlets use opinion as gospel without historical facts to back them up. Today, it seems that so many people are easily offended because they are not secure in what they truly believe. They do not know what to believe, so they hop on a bandwagon just to be accepted or included, and not really understanding why it is they are doing what they do.


   I encourage you to step outside your petty jibber-jabber words and live your life with a purpose, dignity, and honor. Do not become that person who tells you it cannot be done. Be the person who gets it done. Right or wrong, no one knows until you are finished. All you can do is improve from there. If my advice had any meaning to anyone, I would strongly suggest keeping your heart in the right place, keep your head between the shoulders, use curiosity to steer your ship into uncharted territory, and be prepared to answer many questions for those who follow your footsteps before they too branch off into their great unknown. Let’s make this next decade something greater…