Mindful of frustration and thought

I hate feeling so frustrated over so many things at once that I can’t fall asleep. Sucks trying to hold it all in. My mind won’t shut down. I keep thinking why the hell did I come back from the beach? I was happy there. Clear headed and at peace. So much damn drama and Bravo-Sierra going on right now. I sometimes hate being the “nice guy”. Taking the “high road”, “doing the honorable thing”, who writes this crap? Who sits around and comes up with a to-do list of what they think are “honorable things?” Oh I know, the same people who play politics that want to have attention or crooks who want to hide their intentions. Same-difference, right?

So what do I do now? Well that’s the million dollar question, now ain’t it? Give me a million dollars and you’ll never see my @$$ again. No, I’ll be back at the beach in SE Texas. Pay off all my bills and “see ya”. Ham Radio, Internet radio, and God’s giant ball of fury rising up over the sand and water. At this very moment, I’d prefer to be sippin vodka through a pineapple while kickin’ crabs back into the water as the moon shine down her sparkling blessings onto the sand. I almost want to yell the famous words, “Ya’ll can go to hell! I’m going to Texas!” Yep, even with the hurricanes, I think it would still be better than what I feel right now…

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