Food for thought

This was a rant I posted on Facebook a short time ago….

For the record: I am a man who doesn’t have a whole lot of time that works all day and eats only one meal a day, mostly without a snack. I do not appreciate “portions” of food. As a southerner, I enjoy the wide variety fine cuisine of fried, oriental, and Italian foods. I love to wash it all down with tasty drinks (alcoholic, Pepsi, or sweet tea preferred). All while having a good conversation at the table. If I wanted small portions of food and a life of constant wanting, I’d move in with Michelle Obama. That’s why I stay the hell away from places like McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC along with certain local business’s who only serve “proportions”. I’m a man that enjoys a damn good buffet that isn’t to God awful or expensive.

Is it so much to ask that I have the thrill of sitting at a table with good company while having a stimulating conversation? Not a debate, not an argument, just open minded conversation about a mutual interesting topic(s) that really get the mind juices flowing and the creativity rises to new ideas. Do you know how long it has been since I have had a good conversation that didn’t involve work, politics, or sleazy rumor news? My head is filled with so much craze and frustration now that am forced (not literally) to rant on Facebook about basic desire.
While a lot of you literally b!+<# about mind-numbing politics, sports, or why he/she won’t “hook-up” with you for more time than it takes to figure out how shallow or fake you really are, why not actually have a conversation with someone? Talk about anything but politics, sports, or showing off your @$$ in a catalog you created on social media. Conversation, people! Talk! More topics out there besides what you see regurgitating on here. Find a way to break the ice in public (i.e. – You: “Heavy Penguin”. Them: “What?” You: “It breaks the ice” while sticking out your hand to introduce yourself).

Now what does that have to do with food? Not a damn thing unless you asking someone out on a date. Look, all I’m saying is that if we keep shorting ourselves of what we really enjoy, you can become a mindless, soulless, drone who keeps puking up the worst of the worst and no one will be any better in the long run. So give me more of my damn favorite foods, keep my glass full, and either indulge me by bringing a stimulating conversation to my table or shut the hell up!


Your Welcome!

 – Big John

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