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TBJS Radio Network – DEMAND IT

Hey all,

    Just a quick update (or two)…. We launched another video for the TBJS Radio Network. You may recall from a recent blog post that there was plans to get more aggressive with the way were were getting the message out there. You will see a lot more of these types of simple videos on our social media profiles. If you haven’t checked it out, you can see the new video below:


    One another note, more of a reminder that I will be out at the Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair inside Kay Rogers Park this next week. Click on “Events” tab above to see which nights and times so maybe we can meet. It’s always a good time and I look forward to seeing everyone out there. 


    Thank you for your time,

        Big John


Mindful of frustration and thought

I hate feeling so frustrated over so many things at once that I can’t fall asleep. Sucks trying to hold it all in. My mind won’t shut down. I keep thinking why the hell did I come back from the beach? I was happy there. Clear headed and at peace. So much damn drama and Bravo-Sierra going on right now. I sometimes hate being the “nice guy”. Taking the “high road”, “doing the honorable thing”, who writes this crap? Who sits around and comes up with a to-do list of what they think are “honorable things?” Oh I know, the same people who play politics that want to have attention or crooks who want to hide their intentions. Same-difference, right?

So what do I do now? Well that’s the million dollar question, now ain’t it? Give me a million dollars and you’ll never see my @$$ again. No, I’ll be back at the beach in SE Texas. Pay off all my bills and “see ya”. Ham Radio, Internet radio, and God’s giant ball of fury rising up over the sand and water. At this very moment, I’d prefer to be sippin vodka through a pineapple while kickin’ crabs back into the water as the moon shine down her sparkling blessings onto the sand. I almost want to yell the famous words, “Ya’ll can go to hell! I’m going to Texas!” Yep, even with the hurricanes, I think it would still be better than what I feel right now…


And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

    Saturdays…day’s off… PFFFT, what’s that? I’m married, with kids, and when I’m not working my normal gig, I’m working on the show, behind the scenes at TBJS Radio Network, doing booked gigs whenever I get em’, and doing what I can to help out here and there. So I get no time to myself or my thoughts. Hell, I’d drink if I had the time! That’s probably one of the big reasons I charge for my time when I do gigs. Those who want to “book” me know first thing that I don’t like to have my time wasted nor do I want to waste anyone’s time. When I go into work, it’s not something I prefer to do because in radio, time is money. Whether you are doing it for :15 seconds or for an hour, each single second counts. How much that counts, well that’s up to each individual person. It’s another reason I highly dislike going into a Walmart store. Too many people there don’t know what they hell they’re doing in there and they just stand in my way. Literally, they will stop in the middle of the isle with their cart and talk with someone else down another isle or on their cell phones. It’s annoying!

    Anyway, I got side tracked. You know what I did today? Outside of running errands in town and posting my thoughts about pictures posted by women on facebook almost immediately waking up;

“I think some of you ladies / girls are confusing with F* with your pictures. I understand it’s the weekend, you knock a few drinks back, you start to feel a bit frisky in those poses(?). If you’re using Facebook to look for a mate, that’s like advertising ground beef in the Minnie Penny. Some pictures I’ve seen have women who I honestly believe got their make-up tips from Home Depot. Look, I’m 100% with you showing off how good you may (or may not) look, but the only thing missing from your pictures is the 1-900 number and how much you charge per minute. Take that as a compliment or not, but as many as ya’ll complain about not “finding a real man”, then stop advertising yourself as a side entree and add a little more meat and potatoes to your plate so a “real” man might find it more desirable. Give yourself more credit and respect, not make-up and drama.

    Yesterday after work, I’ve been playing with some video editing software until wee hours of the morning, then got back into it as much as I could today in-between errands to Price Cutter Foods Store where I watched a elderly man make a complete ass of himself in the store in front of everyone over a pair of what he said was $0.95 pair of flip-flop sandals that the store had listed as $1.50, it took all I could do to not tell him to shut up, but when he spoke to me about the milk jug in my hand, I let him know I was moving to another register as polite as I could. Then I told the other register worker about it and he said the manager is about to throw him out. I smiled and as I walked past the previous register, I tipped my hat and said thank you to the poor ladies working there taking the verbal blunt of this old man. I should have done more, but he was a veteran (according to the hat he was wearing) and the ladies were about to come unglued on him, so I didn’t want to stick around for that.

    Side tracked again,…. Anyway, I busted my hump to create a short little video to promote the TBJS Radio Network app! Yes, it took me about a full 24 hours to create a :16 second clip, but Adobe never makes anything easy to understand. I never though I would be saying this, but thank God for Googles’ YouTube videos for DIY purposes. We’ve unleashed it on TBJS Radio Networks website earlier this evening. SO if you wouldn’t mind, sharing it around on your social media and help us spread the word about the TBJS Radio Network app. Click play to watch it below:



    In other news, if you’ve heard my show at all over the past few months, you know that I have a LOT on my back. Every little thing I can do on my to-do list is another step forward to help this show, station, and dream grow toward achievement. My parents used to tell me to dream big, and so I did and it’s made me a slave to the grind (awesome song by Skid Row), keeping my eyes on the prize will be the death of me, but it’s not in me to give up so easily on anything I put my heart into without a fight. That’s why I’ve been asking for your help to promote the show on your social media, by word-of-mouth, and by listening at work. There are so many ways you can listen to the show on the TBJS Radio Network. The app is just one of the more convenient ways to listen because it’s right there on your phone or tablet. I listen in my car using my smartphone via bluetooth connection. It’s great to know that I can listen in good quality sound while driving down the road like any other AM, FM, or XM station. BTW, I know this for a fact that whenever I drive into the underground parking area at Central Mall in Fort Smith, AR., the TBJS Radio Network still has a good enough connection that it keeps streaming while the other three fades or cancels out. So yes, technically, depending on your mobile device and service, you can get us when the others can’t be heard. Like the video says, it’s free to download, folks.

    It has been brought to my attention by a couple of listeners of the show who seem confused about why I ask for ya’ll to contact your favorite AM or FM stations and demand that they carry The Big John Show. The answer to that is not everyone is able to hear this show as often as they would like. Sometimes it’s a scheduling conflict. Hey, life happens and you have to do what comes up at that moment. Some stations get their radio programs and shows live, but then have them play at a later time slot. Yes, we would be willing to do that because it’s what allows you to be able to hear it in your market and because that’s how the show grows.

     On the other question about contacting your cable and satellite provider and demand they carry the TBJS Radio Network, that is because I know for a fact there are many cable TV companies not just in the USA, but in other English speaking parts of the world that carry their local radio stations as well as specialty audio programming on their systems for their customers. I know that there are some listeners in Australia that would like to have us on their provider. A little closer to home, listeners in Kansas and Texas have told me they contact their cable company once a week asking for them to carry our station. I’ve also got a lady friend in Arizona that works for an FM radio station that is carried on their local cable company and she is talking to them about carrying us.

    The trick to all this is that it’s all about licensing. Once you cross over than digital to analog line, you enter into a whole new bracket. It’s not cheap either, but that’s where financial issues come into play. Most stations who touch internet-only radio because they thing the programming (mostly lack there of) is sub-par at best. Yes, I tend to agree for the most part that’s out there in internet land, but that’s not who we are. We’re not your some, run-of-the-mill jukebox audio streaming hobby. No, we’re in it to become a respected part of what makes broadcasting so great. Take your average radio station market, how many of them are locally owned and operated, hmm? Yes, you have a small group (skeleton crew) who do their best to keep up with a boss that demands they pull small miracles out of their hat with the threat of them losing their jobs over their heads. Yes, mom and pop stations are still around and God bless each and every one of them, but for the past two decades, I’ve witnessed the dwindling of actual personality on the air. A lot of DJ’s got out, into something else like Sales or another industry all together. There are a few who have still kept with their listeners and crossed over that digital divide and broadcast on we, at the TBJS Radio Network, call the “Digital Airwaves”. Basically, as technology advances, radio stations have been able to condense their costs by cutting staff and replacing them with automation systems and recorded shows.

    What we want to do is offer our services to those providers in the markets you are in so you can hear this show. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with some people recently who are interested in giving me a shot on their stations. They have bosses / owners who have to agree (hopefully they will soon) to take that risk because I don’t know everything that will work, but I have learned an awful lot of what won’t work by my own personal experiences and watching others make their mistakes over the past 15 years of my career. If the offer came tomorrow that The Big John Show (as you hear it on the TBJS Radio Network) was going to be added to an AM/FM station, that would be the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Believe me, that would be a shift in the paradigm that is keeping me in a very tight spot.

    Speaking of spots (in radio a.k.a. commercials), I ask that you please visit and shop with our advertisers on the show and the TBJS Radio Network. They help keep this show and network going. Our weekly specialty shows have their own advertisers and we encourage you shop with them too. The more you shop with them, the more they are likely to buy advertising on all the shows which support them. If you want to advertise on the TBJS Radio Network or The Big John Show, send us an email at or call (918) 708-TBJS. All of us have a “day job” if you will and we pull double duty by putting in anywhere from 12-16 hour days/nights into what we do. I can’t speak for the other shows hosts, but I know that for me, it’s 5-6 hours of sleep per night at best. My point is that putting in all this hard work and long hours should be paying off, which in a lot of ways it does. It’s causing growing pains and not being able to expand in ways that I feel we need to only hurts what is trying to be accomplished. 

    Pretty soon, we’re going to start something new. It’s not new under the sun, per say, but it’s new to TBJS Radio Network. You know we have the TBJS Marketplace offering everything from advertising to merchandise to voice-overs. We are going to start offering some pretty interesting deals in there sooner, rather than later, much to what I would prefer. I say that because we’ve got to get some things moving toward where we really need to be. I am setting a goal that just over a year from now (October 1, 2018), we move into a bigger facility. It’s something that we needed to do for a while now. I’ve tried to hold off on it as long as I could, but it’s needed urgently. I’m talking about like a month ago. Even six months ago! Equipment is stacking up around my desk as I type this. It’s not going to be easy, gonna have to find some extra gigs, time, and a whole lot of Pepsi, but it has got to be done ASAP. So that might mean taking donations to help out in exchange for TBJS Radio Network swag too.

    I’m not above doing voice gigs, such as for being an MC for an event. Done that many of times and I love speaking out in front of a large crowd at entertainment events. It’s been a while, but that’s only because of scheduling conflicts. To kind of fill that void (if you will), I’ve offered up on-demand parts of my show here and there. I know we talked about doing an on-demand section of past shows on my website and that is still very possible in the near future. I am looking for those business’s who would be interested in sponsoring those, or at least the page. Again, that goes back to what I talked about earlier with the “interesting deals”. It probably won’t be any music, just me talking. Not sure if there would be an interest in hearing me blab constantly like a drone. I fill four hours a day, let’s say I talk about 10 minutes an hour, times that by four, and get not quite an hour of gab? Then again, if you’re still reading this and I’ve not bored you out of your wits yet, that is quite amazing in itself.

     So with that being said, let me move on to the rapid fire portion of this blog:

  • I want to say my prayers go out to Billy Joe Shaver who took a hard tumble earlier tonight at a show in California. God’s speed on healing and get plenty of rest, sir!
  • Pornaudiography is going through some changes. Those of you who use the service may recognize that we have changed it from “things that make you go…WTH?!!” to “The OFFICIAL Show Prep of the TBJS Radio Network”. It’s still going to have it’s odd stories and updates. We will be adding some audio to that site starting the next quarter.
  • We have recently acquired a new internet domain,, as we will be looking into expanding into that field soon. At this moment, it’s directed to TBJS Radio Networks’ main site.
  • TBJS Radio Networks’ main site is going to be revamped soon as well. It’s still going to show all the services available and more to be added before Spring 2018.
  • For those of you who are interested in my voice-over / commercial producing services, The Big John Show website will be adding a section for “voice-overs” that will be client specific. Meaning you must be a client to log in and get your audio. The framework is being set up and will hopefully be in place in the next week or so for beta testing.
  • We do plan on making more video’s similar to the one made today. Actually, I made two in the past two days and I don’t think they are too bad at all. The first video was an intro to the video’s we will make in the future and the one above is out to promote the TBJS Radio Network app. So far, it’s gotten some good feedback via social media.
  • We did add a technical engineering page to the TBJS Radio Network and The Big John Show websites for those of you who need it. Just type in “Technical” in the search box or click on the link on the bottom right-hand side of the site.

    And I think that’s about it on my end. As you can read, I’ve got a busy time ahead of me. My sincerest apologies to ya’ll for not being on here as much as I should and would like to be. Instead, it’s easier for me most of the time to fire off a quick witted comment or rant on social media instead of actually taking my time and clearing my head so I can give you an update on here. Granted I’ve said a lot on here, but there is a lot more that I can not say at the moment. There’s about three big announcements that I would love to tell you, and when that time comes, I don’t care what I’m doing or where I am, you better believe I will stop what I’m doing and make that announcement here first! Meantime, thank you for all that you do and may God bless you!


    Thank you for your time,

       Big John