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This Time…

Oh my gosh, what a VERY busy past couple of months it has been! Finally got some time to sit down and try to catch up on what all I missed, including doing this blog update. Kinda funny, I’m listening to TBJS Radio Network right now and Waylon Jennings song, “This Time”, is playing. Absolutely one of my many favorites of his work. So let me take a little time to share some behind-the-scene details of what all has been going on, but where do I start? I’ll try by taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly…

First of all, my apologies for not getting in touch with everyone sooner. I really wanted to get in touch sooner, but schedule conflicts and sudden changes happen. As my old drill sergeant used to say, “the only thing constant is change”. He’s right (and I give credit to Drill Sergeant Brass @ Fort Jackson 1998-99) and changes come when we least expect it. I can’t go into all the details, but I can say we are closer to phase 3 of our 4 phases that we are hoping to conclude by the end of the year.  As I’ve mention before and you may have noticed, we’ve made changes to our websites (TBJS Radio & The Big John Show) and launched a new project call “Pornaudiography”  in which I can’t wait for you to see it at it’s full capacity. 

Second, TBJS Marketplace is up and running. We have so many options on what we can do and want to see happen. I promise, once the overall transition is complete, each of these sites will make so much more sense and flow together. We are going to also have a site that will list ALL of our services together, yet keep them separate because each are going to be their own entity. 

Third, we also have another project in the works that for now is called “Hub”. So far, we have some good results with that during it’s test run and we are tweaking that before we release it out to the general public. I can not go into all the details on this one either, but it will be cool. The “Hub” and “TBJS Marketplace” are pacing together and will be out by the end of our transitional phases. Please continue to bare with us. We are really excited about these two projects and can’t wait to hear what you think about them when it’s all said and done.

Forth, we WILL be making some changes when it comes to licensing. Legally at this time, nothing more can or should be said about that.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who came out to see me during my recent event appearances. Whether you listen to my show on the TBJS Radio Network, Today’s Country, The New 93.1, or both, I want to say from the bottom of my heart…thank you! I can’t say enough how much of an awesome feeling it gives me to hear someone say they enjoy listening to either of the shows I do. I always try to connect to at least one person at any of the remote broadcasts / appearances / events I am involved in as you can see below:


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Thank you for every moment you share with me, I love you all!



“Big John” Horton