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Catching Up During This Wet Weekend

(Big John, Pokemon GO 5K participant, & Race Riley of KISR 93.7 in Sallisaw, OK 8-17-16)


    What a wild week (or two) it has been on my end. I’ve been “keeping up with the Jone’s” when it comes to staying active. Running and gunning to different towns each night helping people chase invisible creatures from another realm. 

    No I’ve not been sippin’ on peyote (yet), I’ve been representing Today’s Country, The New 93.1 FM, along with KISR 93.7 & La Raza 92.3 FM Pokemon GO 5K events across the area for (in my humble opinion, the best damn group of people in this radio market). If you’ve been keeping up with the events section of this website, you may have noticed that there have been several of these events for the past couple of weeks. Many 12 hour days to say the least, but these events allowed me to go over to:

  • Van Buren, AR (Main Street)
  • Alma, AR (Main Street)
  • Greenwood, AR (Town Square)
  • Sallisaw, OK (Cherokee Street in front of the Memorial Library)
  • Fort Smith, AR (UAFS Clock Tower)

    Let’s not forget the other remotes and appearances in between. Yes, I have been popping up in places at last minute like media meetings for the AR/OK State Fair and the United Way. Fortunately, this is all just a warm up of what is about to come rushing my direction in the near future.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints. I wish I had more time to just “hang out” with people who showed up at these Pokemon 5K events. Honestly, they were more fun than I expected. A (BEEP!!) ton of work to do as well. Whenever I get to out to work a live event, I feed off the energy that I feel from the people who show up. No matter if it’s an Wrestling Announcer gig, Emcee gig, Radio Remote Broadcast, or when I have to get up in front of a group of people, I always try to feel the energy and give it back to the people.

    Again, needless to say, get ready to see my smiling face all over the Arklahoma area again. I got a gut feeling things are about to explode soon, so I will try to keep you updated on here. I do have a few events listed in the events section, so you may want to check on them and maybe come out to one. I would love to meet with you and maybe actually have a face-to-face conversation! I honestly look forward to seeing people at these events, getting to know listeners on both sides of the fence, analog (Today’s Country, The New 93.1 FM) and digital ( TBJS Radio Network ). It’s always good to know that someone out there is giving you their time because they believe in you. I just pray that I never let you down. Until next time, kiddo’s…..


    Thank you for your time,

         “Big John”


Back To School Supplies Givaway

Earlier today, I got to represent Today’s Country, The New 93.1 in Fort Smith, AR for the Back-To-School Supplies Giveaway event held at Central Mall and let me tell you, it was an event! The station along with it’s two sister stations, KISR 93.7 & KREU 92.3, teamed up with the River Valley Smile Center to help out the community. Great turnout, no hassles, and a whole lot of thankful people who showed up. Over 2,000 bags where handed out to school children. That’s quite a lot of supplies when you think about it!

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to all those who showed up. You all are the reasons why events like this are such a huge success! Keep up the great work!



     Big John