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Welcome to the updated version of The Big John Show Website!

First of all, thank you for checking it out. If you are reading this blog, then you must have already noticed that we have updated / changed things on this website. It is much different that our previous version which means we will be able to do more in the future when the time comes.

Secondly, this is part of a transition that has been taking place for the past couple of months now. If you have been listening to my radio show only on the TBJS Radio Network (for now), then you’ve may have heard me talk a little bit about what we will be doing in the future. Again, this website change is all part of that. As we launch this version and into the rest of this month, we will be continuously tweaking the features. We also ask you for your feedback on this site. Let us know what you like or don’t like. Let us know what you would like to have us add to it or take away. Your opinion counts and we want to make it the best we can.

Third, as much as I would like to tell you what we are doing behind the scenes, I can’t. At least not yet. Some things are better left seen for yourself and can’t be explained in words. I ask you to please bare with us as we continue to roll out what I feel is going to create a very interesting experience with The Big John Show, Pornaudiography, and TBJS Radio Network.

Fourth, if you look at the top menu and click on “Events”, you will see what I hope to be a growing list of events in the near future that I will be involved with. The reason I let you know this is because we will have all future events I’m involved with posted there with details on how you can come out and be involved. This will include events that I am involved with concerning TBJS Radio Network, The Big John Show, as well as Today’s Country, The New 93.1 FM in Fort Smith, AR.  For booking purposes, this will also be a way to show when I am not available as to when I am. However, that option is explained above the list when you go to that page.

Fifth, you may have also noticed our social media listing on the right side of the screen (those of you on the mobile or tablet may see it closer to the bottom of the page). One thing I want to point out is that we have decided to list our facebook fan page instead of my personal like before. I also mentioned this fan page during my show and some people started “liking” it. Initially the page was created a while back to catch the “overflow” of people who like the show since my personal page was filling up. The facebook limit is about 2500 or so, and I believe I am already close to that. So if I put the people who like the fan page and put them on my personal page, it would put me over the facebook limit.

Something else I didn’t really touch on before, but back in June, I finally got something I wanted to get for over a year. Many of you webmasters may know this trick, but about two years ago, a guy contacted me asking if I wanted to purchase the domain, ““. I’m sure some of you may have typed that in your web browser by accident or not knowing that the word “the” needed to be placed at the beginning and instead of coming to my site, it went to a porn site. That turned off a few of the fans, but after explaining to them what the difference was, they came to my site eventually. Back to this guy who contacted me, he wanted to know if I would buy the domain and I humored him by asking for how much. His reply was over $1400.00! I thought no, and told him so. He kept contacting me, hounding me over and over and finally he stopped after contacted the internet web company who was selling it for him. A little more time went on and I figured it was sold to someone. Well, last June, I ran a check to see if it had been and who were the new owners so I could let my listeners know as a warning when trying to find this site. It was a relief when I saw that no one purchased it. So I bought it at a much lower price than what the man wanted. So, if you haven’t already tried, please know that we are not changing domains, nor the name of the show. It’s still The Big John Show and even though the address is a bit different, it will take you to the site,

Again, thank you for your continued support and loyalty over the years. You have no idea and I can’t put into words on how that makes me feel. May God bless you and continue to be with us.


Coming Soon….

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